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In this brief video, Rev. Rado shares her story with you.

Change your life one loving step at a time.....

with one of these Life Transforming courses that you can take with Rev. Rado over the telephone.

Attracting Success

A meditation designed to help you attract success into your life!

Have Fun Healing

With these wonderfully insightful videos providing tools and steps to help you to implement the change that you want in your life beginning Today!

A Safe Haven For Healing

Personal, Couple & Family Counseling designed to gently awaken the Love within so it can shine through every aspect of your life.

Transform Your Life

Self-Study courses, facilitated by Rev. Rado over the telephone that help you to reach the sacred space within, awakening your spirit and allowing Prosperity, Hope, Health, & Love to manifest in your life.

Keys to Your Love, Abundance & Success

Meditation and Videos providing steps that you can use right now, starting exactly where you are at this moment, to create the circumstances that you desire in your life.

What my students have to say...


A gentle soothing voice and loving spirit made my time with Rev. Rado incredibly rewarding. I know that I am well on my way towards my personal healing and spiritual growth.

Don L.

I am so happy with the meditations. They have helped me so much and I could listen to Rev. Michelle's voice forever :-)

Carol S.

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  • The Need To Know...

    I find that my mind REALLY has a hard time letting go of the need to know answers. My mind prefers to have a step-by-step playbook for how things should be moving forward and it experiences suffering when I don’t have one to follow.
    I am …

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  • Field of Peace...

    There is a field of Peace.
    You play there each and every day, yet you do not know.
    This lack of knowing is not your fault,
    This lack of knowing is not your parent’s fault,
    This lack of knowing is not bad,
    This lack of knowing is simply what it …

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  • You Are Not Supposed To Know All Th...

    Life began in earnest, the moment that I woke up and realized that I am not supposed to know the Answers.
    I am supposed to know where my passion is.
    I am supposed to “feel” the difference between good and bad, and when something feels good…
    I …

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  • Received In Love...

    Once upon a time, I trusted that I was cared for,
    As I came to a street corner,
    My father’s hand would just appear in front of me.
    Mine in his,
    We walked across the street,
    Navigating any obstacles that came our way.
    I didn’t question his lead.
    Things changed over time; …

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  • Below Despair – Love Waits Pa...

    Below despair there is a place untouched by human hands.  This is the place where the voice for God lives within us and waits patiently for us to hear Its whisper.
    A beacon of Love – this whisperer within us is constant, strong, unshakeable, and eternal.  …

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