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Below Despair – Love Waits Patiently

Below Despair - Rev. Michelle RadoBelow despair there is a place untouched by human hands.  This is the place where the voice for God lives within us and waits patiently for us to hear Its whisper.

A beacon of Love – this whisperer within us is constant, strong, unshakeable, and eternal.  We do not hear it with our ears, but we feel it in our hearts.

While we often feel the whispers, we don’t always listen.   We have been taught not to trust our inner knowing but rather that we should plot each step of our lives carefully and then resist any change that would challenge our well-laid plans as if we are here by ourselves doing this completely alone.

But for a few of us who have questioned, who have trusted their inner knowing and who have broken from the conventional sharing new possibilities.

From these courageous souls we learn…

It is possible to live your truth…

It is possible to overcome even the worst imaginable circumstances here on earth…

It is possible to Love one another…

It is possible that we are far more than we ever imagined, or that our human minds can comprehend…

It is possible for us to realize heaven here on earth right now if we will let go of our attachment to all that we have been taught up until now and seek wisdom from the great whisperer that lives within our own heart.






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