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About the Challenge

This is a simple to follow “Self-Healing” program designed to help you attract more Love into your life experience.  What you will need….

  • An email address to register
  • A journal to write in
  • A pen
  • A minimum of 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at the end of each day

The Goal

Love is an energy field that vibrates on a wave length, similar in nature to how a radio works, if you want to enjoy a news program on the radio, you need to “Tune In” to the news channel.
The goal of this simple program is to increase the amount of Love that you enjoy each day and to increase the amount of Love that you share with the rest of us, by helping you to vibrate on the same energy level as Love.
In other words, to help you “Tune In” to the Love Channel and experience and share more Love is each and every day!

How It Works

Each day of the 21 day program, you will receive an email with a topic for that day and instructions.
You will then spend a minimum of 5 minutes in the morning and another 5 minutes in the evening (preferably just before going to sleep) writing down the things that you Love about that days topic. 
As you think about and journal about the things that you Love, it causes you to “dwell” on Love.
The “dwelling” opens your heart and raises your energy level, tuning it to the same level where Love lives.  This is the ultimate goal, to live on the same energy wave length as Love which will increase your experience of Love.


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