I offer these 4 steps that will help you to “Be” the peace that you wish for on Thanksgiving Day or any day while you are preparing your meal and your household for your guests.

Step 1. Be in gratitude for every ingredient of your meal.

For the contributions of the loving farmers and their families who brought the food to the market, to the sun for its energy and nutrients, to the pollinators of the planet, birds, bees and insects who make the growth possible, the main course, the Turkey for their gift of life to us so that we may thrive.

To the gift of capabilities and knowledge that has been bestowed upon you making it possible for you to prepare this meal. Your many teachers – your mother, father, aunts, uncles and the Food Network Stars, the people who wrote the recipes that you are following, the wonder of science that makes your stove possible, the gift of the many gas company employees, fireman, police officers and 911 dispatch team that shoes to work this holiday so that you could rest assured that if something goes wrong with your cooking there is always some one to call.

The many artisans and crafts people who designed the many kitchen tools and utensils that make your cooking just a little bit easier to do.

As your guests arrive be grateful for their presence – if they bring joy or sorrow it makes no difference for their presence is here for the sole purpose of your personal growth, an opportunity for you to feel the great joy of bringing peace and love to any fear that shows up. This lesson is valuable beyond measure for in the moment that you are able to look past whatever circumstance you face, and see the innocence that lies beneath, in that very moment, you are One with your loving source, and honestly what more do you desire?

Step 2. Be mindful of your thoughts this Thanksgiving

Give yourself the gift of awareness.   As you catch your self-feeling anxious, impatient, upset in any way, simply take one mindful breath. Breath in awareness of the anxiety bubbling up, and as you breath out, release your full intention for peace back into the space.

Step 3. Remember who each of your dinner guests are.

Your spouse, your children, family and friends. Look into each face – behind their eyes, behind any thought clusters that might be bubbling up within them, maybe they are experiencing loss or fear, anxiety, maybe they are uncomfortable in some way – Silently and with deep intent, offer them that which you most want for yourself. In silent reverence to the One Soul that we all share, offer to them a peace that is void of any judgment and that is worthy of a child of God.

Step 4. Acknowledge yourself

Be grateful for every instant of clarity and Love that you have experienced as you have done these steps. Remember that every instant that you remembered to do any of these steps, that even just that one instant of progress towards your own awakening is a huge gift to the world.

Thank you for all that you do, each little step that you take to offer Peace into the world this Thanksgiving for all of us to share.  Blessings to you and your family.

With Love,

Rev. Michelle Rado

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