I find that my mind REALLY has a hard time letting go of the need to know answers. My mind prefers to have a step-by-step playbook for how things should be moving forward and it experiences suffering when I don’t have one to follow.

I am at the stage in my awareness where I fundamentally understand the “idea” that I Am Spirit, that I have a mind but I am not the mind, but I still get pretty easily pulled back into identification with my mind.

I am aware of a feeling of a sort of low level anxiety that is ever present in the background of all that is my mind and body. A cloud of sorts and it’s a bit heavy. Not so heavy that I can’t walk or move through my day but there none the less.

I realize that it’s definitely time for me to practice “Being” the peace that I wish to experience.

So I draw in a deep breath and gently explain to my mind….

Thank you mind, for all that you have done for me throughout the years.

It must not have been easy to manage the life of Michelle without sound leadership and direction from the ever present Spirit which I Am.

I have come to understand that you have been like a child needing direction but lacking it and so you have absorbed various impressions and ideas from others over the years in an attempt to “figure it out” on your own.

You have felt alone in the process somehow aware that there was something that you were lacking but not sure what that something was.

You have looked here and there, to lovers and friends, and family for the guidance that you desperately wanted and needed, as the weight of decision-making in solitude seemed more and more painful.

You beautiful sensitive loving mind, in need of a hug, I am here now.

No Matter how long it takes, we now get to work together, gently transferring the leadership of Michelle’s life so that you can relax and be in joy while I, the Spirit, take over and provide leadership.

I am the voice for God and my leadership ensures that Gods will be done!

Its so simple really, but after so many years of leaving you alone I promise to be gentle and lovingly persistent as we make the transition together.

You were never meant to be the “leader” of Michelle, you are an amazing tool, the intellect, designed to be used lovingly by Spirit and for the benefit of All through this life experience.

Going forward, this is how we shall work together.

Circumstances will occur; you and therefore the body shall remain as quiet and peaceful as possible; allowing me, the Spirit, to discern what to do in each situation.

Once I understand the loving response to the circumstance, you will instantly also know, and with all of your wondrous intellect and capabilities you shall direct the body accordingly.

This is the only Step-by-Step plan you will ever need.

I am here, I love you, All is well.


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