God whispers to us subtly from beneath the constructs of our mind, and from a place deep within each of us, that is whole and complete.

Our individual perception of others is actually a limitation, a limitation that we place on them from the limited viewpoint of our thinking mind. If we can allow our thinking mind to quiet for a little while, and open our hearts to “feel” others instead of just think about them, the doorway opens to the Peace and Love that we actually are, to flow into the Universe without restriction.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that what we see in another, is a reflection of what we see in ourself, and in order for us to find the Christ within ourselves, we must first find it in another.

But how can we look upon everyone and see the face of Christ in a world that seemingly offers such an array of fearful images of death, destruction, competition, limit, lack, and hate all spread among millions and millions of separate people and what if the person standing before us is irritating or worse, offensive to us?

If we can accept that we are not separate, but in fact we are one, and if we can accept that God is pure Love and therefore only extends Love, and we believe that God is our source, that from which we originated, then we must accept that we are pure Love and that all others are also pure Love.

Ok, back to the question of human life, how can we see past the irritation or offensive behavior of another and see the face of Christ?

We can ask ourselves, if Christ were standing in my kitchen right now, how would I receive him? Then, we can take a moment to imagine a world in which we receive everyone in this very same way, and finally, we can pause for a moment longer and imagine a world in which we all received one another in the same way we would if Christ were standing directly before us.

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