There is a field of Peace.

You play there each and every day, yet you do not know.

This lack of knowing is not your fault,
This lack of knowing is not your parent’s fault,
This lack of knowing is not bad,
This lack of knowing is simply what it is…

Now I say to you – you play in a field of peace each and every day.

What game are you choosing to play today?

Is it a drama filled with intrigue and challenge?
Is it a comedy filled with lighthearted playfulness and joy?
Is it action packed filled with physical conquest and domination, with winners and losers?

What do you choose today?

Now you know that you are free and it is safe for you to play in this field of Peace.
When you are done with your game, you can rest assured that you are still loved by the one who created you and who made sure to place you safely surrounded in this field of peace.

So go forth-dear one and play each day and in each moment know that…

When you tire of your game,
When choices that you have made become painful and you have regret,
When the game has gotten “out of control” and no longer is fun,
When the game has become “real” to you,
Know that getting too wrapped up in the game is not bad – it simply is…

Now I say to you, stop playing this particular game, give yourself a few precious moments of rest and reflection in the safety of the field of peace and when you are ready, simply choose a new game to play, one which brings you joy, laughter and happiness.

Know that you are always safe in the heart of God and will always be able to choose again.

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