God is not here on earth with us.  Our home is in heaven with him.  God does not “allow” tragedy.  This world of fear is of our making.  As soon as we can realize this, and take responsibility for what we do and how we think, the faster we can realize the true peace of God, which is our birthright.

Let me break it down for you.  I will summarize what I have learned from A Course In Miracles;

  • God is Absolute Love.  There is no room in Absolute Love for anything else.
  • God is not human, he was not born nor shall he ever die. God is “other than” human.
  •  God created us in his image, we are “other than” human, I will use the term Spirit, therefore we are Absolute Love and nothing else.
  • We created ourselves, the body, our circumstances, this earth, the sky, all of the insects, plants, and animals, all of the fish, the stars, the moon, the sun – all of it.  We created it in an instant, and innocently with one simple thought.  A Course in Miracles calls it the “tiny mad idea”.

 How is this possible?

Created in the image of God and given free will, we had a thought, a question came up in our mind, innocently in which we wondered to our self, What would it be like if we were off on our own?  We wondered what it would be like to be separate from God.  Let us visualize like this …..

Imagine yourself walking peacefully with your loving father down a path, hand-n-hand and you say out loud to him, “father what will it be like when we are no longer together, and I am alone?”, after asking this, you innocently wait for his reply.

In that instant, between your question and his reply, the world and all we know of, space and time itself was created.  And in that instant, fear came into your mind, however briefly, as you imagined, just for this instant what might occur if we were separate from God.

Without hesitation, God said, “My Love, we can never be apart, you will never be alone” you embrace him, you forget entirely that momentary thought of fear, you even laugh together at the idea as soon as you realize how silly it was to even think that God would create a world in which the two of you could ever be separated, and in which you could ever be less than whole, safe and completely joyful.

You and I, all of us, and all that we can see are living in that instant.  That instant between the innocent question that we had, and before hearing our fathers voice as he lovingly puts the nonsense to rest.

It is hard to comprehend from within the human mind, how truly powerful and magnificent we must be, in order for this one brief instantaneous thought of ours to have created such complexity and wonder, which is the world that surrounds us today, with its many people, planets, and galaxies.  We are truly magnificent spiritual beings the likes of which our human minds simply cannot comprehend.

The good news is that each of us will eventually hear Gods voice, and on that day all pain and suffering will be forgotten, and you will feel the safety of Gods embrace, and you will know that he never let go of your hand, not even for a second, and you shall continue down that path with Him forever and ever.














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