Healing Through Meditation

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For this powerful 6 week program which takes place over the telephone in 6 one-on-one sessions.  Each week you will use a guided meditation as your homework assignment and practice spending time with your Inner Guide and accessing the wisdom available for you.  You will meet with Rev. Michelle via the telephone for a one hour private counseling session each week where you will review your experience as you release the Blame, Fear, Worry, Doubt, Anger & Guilt that you hold deep inside and which are blocking you from realzing all of your greatest desires. 

Week 1: Releasing Blame

Week 2: Releasing Fear

Week 3: Releasing Worry

Week 4: Releasing Doubt

Week 5: Releasing Anger

Week 6: Releasing Guilt

$612 for the full 6 weeks.  The price includes Rev. Michelle’s CD plus free shipping.

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“21 Days of Love”


A self-healing Free program that you can begin at anytime.  All you need is a pen, a journal and 10 minutes each day.

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