We don’t get to know how any single event or circumstance fits into the totality of purpose.

We are but a separated part of the whole – a limited perspective, not able yet to see how all of the pieces of life fit together.

As long as we believe that our life is contained within, and limited to our body, we can’t possibly “see” through the eyes of totality, which extends limitlessly forever and ever.

What is ours to know at this time, is given us – a seed planted deep within our soul. This seed when watered with the slightest bit of hope and love grows, and like a plant that grows to lean and stretch towards the Sun, this seed within us, expands outwards toward the light that it instinctually knows is its source.

All knowing lives in this place – planted deep within us. This knowing comes to us as feeling which fills our heart with Joy and a yearning to extend Peace to All. This feeling is our proof that all is well even when our eyes or ears or hands or thoughts about a thing suggest otherwise.

This feeling of Joy and Peace is our proof that we belong here and that regardless of appearances or circumstances, which we cannot understand, this is our proof that our feet are being lovingly placed, one step at a time, by one whose only purpose is our good, on the journey home to our source in Love.

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