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Course 112c: Knowing Your True Purpose

Course 112: Facilitated by Rev. Michelle Rado

Pathways of Light ® Course 112c: Knowing Your True Purpose.  As your facilitator, I will work with you over the telephone as you complete the Self-Study workbook.

As you open to understanding your true purpose, you enter a new time — a time of looking at the concepts you are holding about yourself and others and letting them be replaced by the awareness of your unlimited True Self.

• Understand how the veils of forgetfulness can be lifted to give you a new sense of life purpose. • Learn how to change your beliefs about time. • Learn to access long-held thought patterns you picked up as a child, and heal these limited thoughts with the help of the Light within you. • Find out why it is important to quiet your mind and listen to your Self, and how you can better serve your true identity as Spirit in this life.

• Receive insight on new choices, new ideas, and learn how you can extend the qualities of your true Self in your life. • Take an inward journey to a Haven of Greater Awareness to connect and identify with qualities of Spirit, such as universal Love, and feeling deep inner peace. • Transcend time and communicate with your unlimited Self. • Imagine seeing life differently in the years ahead as you dissolve blocks to the greater awareness of Love’s Presence. • Practice seeing yourself knowing and expressing your true life purpose.

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