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The Pathways of Light® A Course In Miracles Practitioner Training Program includes 24 courses, focusing on topics such as forgiveness & wellness. The courses are available as self-study or with a Mind Healing Partner, such as Rev. Michelle Rado, to help you understand and apply A Course in Miracles in your everyday life.

If you are interested in completing one or more of these courses, you may click here to purchase them directly from the Pathways of Light ® website

If you are interested in working with Rev. Michelle Rado as your Mind Healing Partner, simply enter her name as shown below in the box provided during the checkout process as you complete your purchase of the course.

Rev. Michelle Rado

Currently, Rev. Michelle Rado is certified to facilitate the following courses:

Course 901: Introduction to Miracles Practice
Course 906: Healing Through Forgiveness

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