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Spiritual Awakening – 8 Week ProgramSpiritual Awakening

We all have moments of feeling helpless, out of control and at the mercy of forces seen as outside ourselves. Feeling this way is discouraging, depressing, and sometimes overwhelming. We may also feel angry or resentful. We are ready to defend or withdraw at the slightest provocation out of the frustration of being at the mercy of forces seemingly beyond our control. At times like this, we do not feel peaceful.

Every experience in your life is simply a reflection of your thoughts. Your life is transformed when you realize that what you perceive in the outer world is in fact an effect of your thoughts. Your thoughts are not the result of what you experienced. What you experience is based on what you believe. Knowing this gives you back the control you always felt belonged to you but which seemed to be out of reach and seemingly unchangeable.

You can choose your thoughts. You are the one who thinks them. When you accept this, you shine a bright light on your pathway Home — to fully knowing you are Love and one with the Love in All. Change becomes possible. As you let your true Self shine a Light on these false beliefs, peace returns and you receive clarity and a deep sense of wellbeing. Thought by thought, you begin changing your experience.

The purpose of the Pathways of Light Spiritual Awakening 8-week Program is to provide a loving, supportive, nonjudgmental environment to nurture your spiritual growth.

During the eight weeks of the Spiritual Awakening Program, you will learn how to receive Inner Guidance more clearly and how to apply what you are learning in your daily life experience.

As an Ordained Ministerial Counselor, it is my pleasure to provide you with loving support in a one on one or group setting.

I will facilitate empowering experiential processes, as the Spiritual Awakening Program helps you grow and expand your awareness of your true Spiritual Nature with support and shared insight. There are many activities to help you connect feelings with ideas so you can make the ideas work in your life.

The topics of the 8 weekly sessions are:

  • Accepting Abundance — Letting Spirit Be in Charge
  • Opening to Inner Guidance — Strengthening Communication with Your Inner Guidance
  • Going Gently — A Process for Achieving Greater Awareness
  • Transforming Your Life — Changing Your Thoughts to Change Your World
  • The Awakened Perspective — Releasing Judgment and Allowing Love to Shine Through
  • Accelerating Your Growth — Seeing the Messages in Your Relationships
  • Building Your House of Light — Making Every Moment an Empowering Experience
  • Divine Play — Celebrating Love — Oneness

I offer Spiritual Awakening 8-week Programs one-on-one by phone.  Once you receive your materials we will schedule our weekly call times.



If you have any additional questions or if you would like to jump on a free consultation with me to discuss if this program is right for you, pleases  Click Here to send me an email and request program registration information.


Rev. Michelle Rado

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