Start by just watching, make Peace your ultimate goal, then take a breath and step forward.


Moment by moment, just watch and Allow yourself whatever thoughts and emotions come into your mind and into your heart.


Be patient with this process and with yourself, don’t judge, just watch and Allow yourself to be.


Take notice of how you feel as you witness your own truth.  Are you at Peace?  Wonderful, be grateful for that moment.  Are you upset, scared, worried or fearful?  Then pause for a moment and consider what you are thinking and doling that has caused you to feel this way.

 Don’t judge yourself, just Allow yourself to gain clarity as to the thoughts that are generating this emotion.

 As you begin to understand the thoughts causing your pain, write them down as a means of getting them out of your system.  Be honest with yourself and let it flow, never judging.

 Acknowledging the pain and the cause of the pain is a huge step in the direction of allowing yourself to drop the suffering.

 Remind yourself that you are a most powerful and Beautiful child of the Infinite Universe created of Love, made of Pure Love.

 You are here to heal yourself and the world.  It’s okay to take the rest of your life, day by day, to for this healing process.  All efforts that you make to center yourself in Peace, each like a grain of sand, pile one on top of the next until ultimately you have built a wondrous castle of light to share with the world.


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