As a container – the physical ecosystem fully supports all life within it, oxygen and water all regenerative and perfectly supportive to our lives.

The ecosystem of Gods mind works the same. We exist within this beautifully pure mind – an ecosystem of Love.

Our minds, created in the image and likeness of God’s is an ecosystem that supports our free will and choices. For the unhealed mind, it is a prison, cause and effect repeating throughout time. Painfully, we continue in this circular fashion until we begin to wake up and take hold of our conscious awareness.

For the healed mind, this ecosystem is heaven, abundant, unlimited Love, Peace and Joy, in the realization that we are fully supported by God at all times. Time having disappeared becomes irrelevant to us as our soul soars with the angels forever and ever.

Our work here is to see beyond the ecosystem that we have created and remember the one in which we really reside.

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