The change that you dream of for your self, for society, for the planet is all within you to give.  It is your gift that is the final puzzle piece needed for us all to experience Heaven here on earth.

So often I catch myself thinking about what I wish for myself in the future instead of using that very moment to invest in firmly planting another critical seed that will one day grow into Heaven here on earth.

It dawns on me – I am like a seed with all the potential to grow into a big beautiful bountiful tree – but if I don’t take my thoughts out of what I “hope for” the future and begin to take steady steps “now” to plant myself into the ground,  I will simply never grow.

Instead of “dreaming” of one day becoming a beautiful tree that people will be able to take shade under, I can choose to love who & what I am in this current moment.   By investing all of my energy into the moment at hand, I live a life of peace and trust.  I become a Happy Seed no longer attached to the achievement of anything, rather, fully embracing the power of “what is” as a means of contributing to the All.

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