If you are facing a particular challenge, or just having a bad day.

Don’t for a moment, by into the fact that you are anything less than what you really are.

You are a powerful particle of the most magnificent mechanism,
this Universe, Life itself,
and all you have to do is to bring to Life,
that which you most want from it.

Bring light to the darkness,
Show up with love in the face of fear,
Give hope when there is despair, and through the love of the angels, you will be surrounded with these very same gifts,

You are safe
You are loved
You are not alone
You never have been alone and you never will be alone

The Angels hear you and it is their absolute joy to give to you the love support and guidance that you need.

Now that you have this in perspective, take a deep breath and have a wonderful day!


Rev. Michelle Rado

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